"I would highly recommend Brad for any programming or creative web project that you may be thinking of!" Aaron Meshon, illustrator NYC

11 Crows

Professional web development

Building a web application? No problem. Need a server configured? You got it. Crafting an awesome front-end experience? Excellent, I can do that too. Since 1997, from server management to HTML & CSS markup, I've been building websites and applications.

Ship it!

The success of any product or project can never be realized if it doesn't get out the door. I can help you ship your product. I've done it for past clients and I've done it for myself.

RealView is a tool that helps mobile app designers spend more time designing and less time preparing comps for display. I develop it and the design work is done by my friend Asa Miller.


11 Crows is a single member company based out of Portland, Oregon. Brad Pauly writes the code,makes the coffee, and sweeps the floors. A network of friendly contractors is called upon when extra help is needed (not for sweeping though).

Let's talk

Drop me a line. I'm always happy to chat about projects. If you're in the Portland area, I suggest we meet up at a great coffee shop and discuss how I can help you kick ass.

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